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Welcome to Arequipa Spanish School!

Welcome to the Arequipa Spanish School. Arequipa's premier spanish school. We offer Spanish lessons to the highest standard for all abilities. We're passionate about teaching you the Peruvian language and culture. Our highly structured and challenging course will raise your Spanish to the next level. While you're not in classes the local knowledge we provide will ensure you have a truly unforgettable time in Arequipa. Visit our courses page for information about the wide range of courses we offer.

About the school:

I was traveling in South America for ten months before I decided to settle in the beautiful Arequipa. During that time I took classes in many Spanish schools - some good and some bad. Some schools were disorganised and I would sit around waiting for 20 minutes before the lesson started, some teachers seemed bored and just gave me exercises to complete however some schools got it right. When I settled in Arequipa I decided I wanted to open a school which would teach Spanish to the very highest standard: high quality material, passionate teachers, interesting immersive lessons. Using my experience I've created a highly structured Spanish course which covers all standards from beginner to advanced. I don't accept second rate which means all my teachers are excellent at what they do, they will give you their complete attention and energy. As a traveler myself I also know how difficult it is to have a rich cultural experience while you're traveling. It takes time to get to know a city and sometimes if you're not local you miss out on "non-touristy" events. For this reason, we'll let you know about all the interesting events which are taking place in the city during your stay: bull fights, fiestas, fireworks... to make sure you don't miss out.

Local knowledge:

The majority of travelers just pass through Arequipa, visit Colca canyon and move on to Cusco. I think it's a shame because Arequipa has so much more to offer. During lessons at this school we will pass on our local knowledge to enrich your experience in Arequipa. A short 20 min bus ride from arequipa you can be walking alongside the river through lush green chaquras of Congata... A 40 minute bus ride away you can visit the thermal baths of Yura before treking the beautiful Capua canyon and waterfalls. A 6 Sole taxi ride from the centre you can eat the best trout Ceviche (a national dish of Peru) I've ever tasted.