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Summary of courses:

We offer a wide range of courses to match your ability - beginner, intermediate or advanced. On arrival one of our expert teachers will assess your ability and plan your lesson accordingly.

Course Length Class size Hours / Day Price ($)
Standard 1 week Individual 4 139
Intensive 1 week Individual 6 209
Backpacker 1 day Individual 4 39
Group 1 week Two or more people 4 119

Lesson structure

Morning lessons start at 9:00 and continue until 13:00, afternoon lessons start at 14:00 and continue until 18:00. Normally the lessons are divided into two parts. The first half will be devoted to grammar and exercises. A new concept will be explained and afterwards you will work through practice examples to help you understand the new idea as well as reinforcing previous concepts. Your teacher will be on hand to if you have any problems. After this there will be a short tea break to let your brain catch up. In the second half of the lesson will be conversation based. You will talk in Spanish with your teacher with an emphasis on the material that you've learned that day. This helps build fluency and increases your vocabulary.


This is a short term Spanish course designed to boost your Spanish to the next level while giving your free time to explore the city. This course will enhance your grammatical and written skills whilst paying special attention to your pronunciation.


The intensive Spanish course is ideal if you need to enhance your Spanish skills in a short time. This course offers a high level of immersion with extra emphasis on practical skill.


If your just passing through and you don't have time to spend a week studying the backpacker course offers your more flexibility. This course is designed for travelers who just want to learn the basics to help you through your travels or brush up their language skills for a couple of days.


The group course is a more economical choice designed for familys and groups of travelers with similar language abilities.

About Me

My name is Milagros and I founded the Arequipa Spanish School. I've lived in Arequipa my whole life and I've been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for the last 5 years. I speak English too, so if you're not confident with your Spanish yet, don't worry! If you want any information about Spanish classes you can contact my by email or WhatsApp. I usually teach in the center of Arequipa near the Plaza de Armas but it's also sometimes possible for me to come and give the lessons at your hostel or hotel.