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There's so much more to Arequipa than just the Colca Canyon. Here's a list of some the activities you can do in and around the city. If you would like more information about any of the activities (whether you are planning to take Spanish classes or not) just send us an email and we'll send you the detailed instructions.

Sogay - waterfall trek:

You start your trek in the small village of Sogay about 40 minutes bus ride (S./ 0.70) from Arequipa. After following a irrigation canal which winds its way along the valley floor next to the river you reach a small gravel path. As you follow the path which skirts the hillside you will pass giant cactus and imposing boulders. Soon the path reaches the river and you will find yourself dodging around tree branches and scrambling over boulders. After crossing and re-crossing the river you will arrive at the first waterfall nestled between the sheer walls of the canyon. Here is a small pool where you can paddle or swim in the icy water and a small shady beach where you can have lunch. From here those how dare can scramble up the rocky side of the canyon for about 20 metres to reach the second much larger waterfall.

Yura - canyon trek and thermal baths:

Yura is a small town about 50mins bus ride from Arequipa nestled at the foot of the volcano Chachani. Yura is known for it's beautiful countryside and thermal baths. Your trek starts in the centre of the small town by the baths. After crossing the river the paths leads up a steep valley and then winds its way through the dry barren cierro past deep gullies and strange rock formations. After about 40 minutes you will arrive at the start of the canyon. As you get further in the sides of the canyon rise up becoming steeper and taller until you find yourself in a narrow cool channel with vertical walls. As you follow you the stream, sometimes hopping from rock to rock, sometimes paddling or scrambling over boulders the canyon walls get higher and higher. After walking for about an hour while dodging small waterfalls which pour down the walls you will arrive at the main waterfalls. Here you can paddle and shower under the falls which fall for over 100 metres. After returning you can take a well earned soak in the soothing waters of the thermal baths before heading home to Arequipa.

There are tour companies who will charge you S./150 to visit Yura and do the trek. If you don't feel confident doing this by yourselves why don't get us to guide you? We charge S./60 per person for the day including a delicious lunch and you get to practice your Spanish at the same time!


If you want something fun to pass your time in the evenings why not visit the Games Arcade. It's located in a shopping centre a 10 minute walk from the Plaza de Armas. Air Hockey, Dancing, Racing... The best thing is that it's CHEAP! Just S./1 per play!


As a traveler myself I know how hit and miss it is to find a decent restaurant. Arequipa has some of the best food in Peru but unfortunately it's not on the tourist trail. Most tourists visit the restaurants near the plaza which are massively overpriced and not actually that good. Here are some my top restaurant recommendations in Arequipa:

Don Piero

Before I visited Peru I was never a big fan of sea food but visiting this restaurant changed that. Don Piero is a lovely restaurant next to the river which serves the best trout in Arequipa. It is truly delicious and for this reason the restaurant is packed with Peruvians throughout the day. There's a wide range of food but I recommend the Cebiche and Chicharron mix (a classic Peruvian dish for only S./20). Ceviche consists of suculent piceces of fish marinated in a sauce of lemon juice and rocoto with an onion and lettuce salad. Chicharron is made from crispy trout fried in a tasty batter. I also recommend you wash your food down with a Peruvian classic - Inca cola and Arequipana beer!

Cecilia's chicharonnery

Cecelia is a must if you visit Arequipa. Here you can sample the cities best Arequipan specialiaties Rocoto, Chicharron, Pastel de Papa... Why not try the mix where you get a plate piled with all of Arequipa's delicacys. Be warned however, the portions are huge so make sure you have a big apatite.

Cookery lessons:

At the school we offer cookery lessons. You can learn how to make your favorite Peruvian food and practice your Spanish at the same time!